Time To Stop Repetition.

Still getting annoyed by these annoying, repetetive and bloated worksheets?
Tired of carrying around hundereds of pages?
Don't worry! I got you there 😃

Download Here

Schoolwork managment just became way easier

EZWorksheet lets do more of your schoolwork, while simplfying the organization process, with the worksheet scanner. Simply open an image file of your worksheet, and let EZWorksheet do the rest of the magic, by placing text input fields where you need to write.
Wanna write somewhere else? Just place a new text field - you can move, resize and rotate those around!

sh, Sheeeeeeeeeeesh

- Yishay, Twitter, 18.08.2022

Wow this looks very good I like it good

- Ohad Ben Dov, Twitter, 18.08.2022

Your EZ way to Work Sheet

- Erel Ben-Or, Discord 31.08.2022